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Dec 10, 2003

Gathering stuff and taking pictures to update website and binder.

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Jury Day

Present work

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After Thanksgiving

Finalizing of plans and proceeding to develop the final drawings with line weights. Quick elevation studies. Making of massing model for site to show placement and orientation. Gathering information to create final presentation.

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Nov 26, 2003
Turkey and Architecture

The previous week I reinvestigated the questions that needed to be addressed by the building and its context. Since this reinvestigation I have since re worked the plan section and some elevations. Models are being constructed and more in depth understanding of the interiors is underway. The question that were reinvestigated will be uploaded to the website after the break.

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Nov 12, 2003
Sustainability, Codes and Wall Sections

Robeí, Sarah, Laura and me all came together to talk about sustainability issues. We talked about the geothermal heat pump and the steam loop that is accessible by the site. Robeí helped me on the stair situation in my lab spaces. I also talked to code man about how much capacity my fire stairs could handle. Also, I finished my plumbing code and figuring out how many restrooms to have in my building locating them is now the issues along with breaking up the mechanical. Wall section of typical exterior has been drawn up and an interior one is being designed.

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Nov 10, 2003
Fire rating and wall sections

Wall sections are of type one construction meaning that it isnít combustible. Going into more detail on wall sections and hopefully have done and uploaded to web today. I have sketches and images of elements that I would like to use just configuring them to be used for this building is the task at hand. The elements to be used are steel beams, lightweight steel gauge framing, CMUís, and open web trusts. Images of the marked up fire walls critique will be posted.

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Currently in studio

We have man come talk to us about meeting the codes and he has informed me that I have used some over kill on my walls and I should not have to go over 2 hour walls. Those walls will be concrete filled CMU. And he told me that my stairwells, were one to many of them and a bit short if they are going from more than one floor and gave me a diagram of how to design my stairs. Then he told me just to stick two on the ends. I think I will have a bit more. Also told that the campus area we are building on is connected to the steam loop that serves the drill field. I will still use the geothermal heat pump but only maybe half the time b/c Sarah and me spoke of it being more efficient to used either the hot or cold water made by the University than using the pump in the building. I believe it was use the cold water. I will be working with Sirobeí on sustainable issues. Monson wanted a way to compare the ways of getting such things as heating and cooling on a price basis. He may need to talk to Pliny Fisk or talk to Jenna because she may know what is happening in his office and what materials he has on the subject.

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Misreading program

I miss read the program which I later found out a couple of people did. I read that there are 10 labs of unknown size. Then the other spaces of like break out and wet space are singular entities, but they are parts of the labs. But I have since created a module that encapsulates the spaces effectively. The many iterations of the lab plans will be posted soon on the website.

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Nov 5, 2003
Codes and Circulation

Circulation and egress are just about hammered out. Codes are being turned into criteria for use in the building. Website has been updated with Geothermal heat pump paper that is in PDF format under links.

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Moving Along

On Monday we had a mid review session that showed where other people were in their work. I did not get to show my work because of time and my lack of knowledge of how the Boxlight operates, a technical deficiency that I will soon rectify. Monsonís files have been resent and updated on his folder that was done before studio started. Elevations have come to a degree of certainty to allow them to develop in a steady stream of rationale. Schedule has been updated with new details on what has and hasnít been done. Posting of new more relevant criteria for the visually impaired for interiors, images of design process, and the research paper on geothermal heat pumps.
Major issues to be focused on now are circulation, egress, and LEED information which should be in best circumstances be done by studio time. Beginning of some physical models to understand interior spaces and circulation.

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